About Rosie T's

We are a  family run business that has grown from a 30 plus year collecting habit. In the early days we specialised in Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs. Later, after Rosie was born, we began to build our collections of  the various storybook series including Bunnykins and Beatrix Potter, and then later still our sets of Royal Doulton Snowman figures and seriesware, Coalport Grey Rabbit and Paddington, Beswick Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh...the list has become almost endless!

...and now...

It is our intention to build this web site into a colourful and informative reference for collectors around the world. It will evolve as we are able to add our collections and we will price the items that we have available for sale in those collections just as soon as we can.

All the items we have for sale on the web site are first quality and in great condition; free from damage and restoration.

We are currently shipping only within the UK using services appropriate to the value of the order and do not charge for shipping.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Delivery pages for details of payment methods and shipping timescales.