Are you able to fulfil requests for items not on your website ?

We do have many sources and contacts that we purchase from and so may be able to help particularly if the item is something we have on our website, but out of stock, or something relating to one of our specialities. We do have a large collection in storage and it will be a while before it is all listed on this website.

Do you ship overseas ?

Rarely; though we may for certain items to certain countries. Please contact us before purchasing an item if you wish to have something shipped outside the UK.

How safe am I buying from you ?

We work through the Shopwired merchant services including Stripe and Paypal which keeps your information safe and secure.

What is your policy regarding returns and refund ?

Please see our Refund Policy where you should be reassured.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

You may cancel your order before it has been shipped. However, once your order has been shipped it may not be cancelled; but our Refund Policy will come into force should you wish to return the goods.

How do I know that the items you sell are genuine?

All the items we sell are considered by us to be the genuine article and where appropriate they will have the maker’s back-stamp as a mark of quality. Some items come with a certificate of authenticity though we do not consider this to add anything in the way of reassurance as so many certificates have been lost over the years.

Are the items you sell in their original boxes ?

Many of the items we sell are in their original boxes but many are not. If it is important to you to have the box then please contact us before buying and we can check to see if the box is available.

Do you buy items ?

We are not currently purchasing items through this website; but you are welcome to contact us if you are selling something you think we may want and we will let you know if we are interested.

Do you provide a valuation service ?

We are not currently providing insurance or probate valuations.