In 1978 a delightful Raymond Briggs' story about a boy called James and a Snowman who could fly was published...4 years later in 1982 the story was turned into a magical animated film...and now the annual TV outing of the film is as important a part of Christmas in the UK as turkey and Christmas pudding !

In 1985 Royal Doulton secured a licence to produce a number of ceramic Snowman Figures and Snowman Seriesware pieces based on images from the book and the film. These were all withdrawn by 1994; but they were followed in 1999 by a series of 7 limited editions; the last of which, The Journey Ends, was produced in 2002. We have been collecting both the figures and the seriesware for many years and aim to provide you with a comprehensive reference to both Royal Doulton Snowman Figures and Royal Doulton Snowman Seriesware with price and current availability shown.